Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wayback Machine: Funding NPR

With the recent news attention on the possible end to federal funding of public television and radio, I thought I'd a post a link to an old op-ed I wrote on this topic. Save NPR! Not!

It's a bit out of date. 1) There is a possibility that the federal funding will end or decrease (though I actually doubt it) and 2) NPR seems to have veered towards the left even more. I find I can't hardly listen to the news analysis shows anymore. Worse than any bias though is the overall pessimism that seems to pervade the entire broadcast. It's hard to quantify or give examples because its just this general attitude, but what I am left with after listening is negativity and despondency.

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scottmaurer said...

Another criticism is pro-union bias at NPR. An example of how much of a “blind-spot” union bias is with NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey A. Dvorkin, is his email response to my question; “I was surprised to hear NPR staff members are also union members. Shouldn't they disclose their union membership when reporting on stories about unions?” Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin replied, “No different than if some NPR staffers were members of the loyal order of moose. It is the reporting - not the membership that counts, in my opinion. And yes, I am a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.”
I agree with Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin that “it is the reporting… that counts.”
Disclosure of union affiliation when reporting on stories about unions is basic reporting integrity.