Monday, August 08, 2005

TOC Graduate Seminar

I spent last week in DC at TOC's Graduate Seminar. It was a very productive and engaging week. We went through the corpus of Rand's ethical and politcal thought, as well as some recent criticisms of her thought. We also compared her approach to the approaches of other philosophers who were looking to establish somewhat similar conclusions.

One of the most fruitful parts of the seminar is the papers all the participants have to write. Limited to a very small 5 pages, each student is severely and thoroughly critique in style, technique, and substance. It is a humbling but worthwhile experience.

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Shawn Klein said...

I meant humbling in a much more generic sense. This usage, I think, is fairly common; a humbling experience as one that is challenging and difficult, and that identifies were more work needs to be done. In this sense 'humbling' is a key component of pride as moral ambitiousness.