Friday, December 22, 2006

Rabbis without God

The Jerusalem Post is reporting:
"In an unprecedented event in Israel, seven secular Jews who view Judaism as a culture, as opposed to a religion, will be ordained as rabbis Friday in Jerusalem."
As the few and brave readers of this blog know, I am involved in a local Secular Jewish congregation--one that is a related organization to the one that is doing the ordaining in Israel: International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism--so this is good to hear.

A hat tip to Jack Silver by way of my wife for this news.

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Michelle F. Cohen said...

I am visiting Israel and watched the news report on the ordaining of secular rabbis on Israeli t.v. The report was sympathetic. It is just one item out of a growing industry of secular Jewish study groups in Israel. Secular Israelis defy the claims of the Ultra-Orthodox about their ignorance about Judaism by learning about it from a secular perspective. There are now opportunities for secular Israelis to observe Jewish holidays and culture within a non-Orthodox framework.