Friday, February 02, 2007

Save the 911 Memorial

I am not usually one to sign or pass on online petitions. This one, however, seemed worthy of an exception.

Apparently, the latest plan for the World Trade Center Memorial is to list the names randomly, with no discernible order or grouping, and no information about the individuals (such as age). The petition is to change this so that the names are listed so that "the arrangement of names at the WTC Memorial must answer the following questions: What was the victim’s name? How old was he/she? Where did he/she work? Where was he/she on 9/11?"

I don't like the random listing of names, in part because I can see no meaningful purpose in doing so. It serves to dehumanize the individuals murdered that day; as well as making it quite difficult to find a name. There should be some rational ordering of the names that provides context to the individual victims and allows mourners and visitors to easily find the names.

That's why I signed this petition, and why I am passing on to you.

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John Enright said...

Thanks for the link - I signed the petition. Random order makes no sense to me at all.