Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ethical Philosophy Selector

I took this quiz years ago, and had somewhat similar results (though I don't remember the exact ordering).

Here's my Top Ten:
1. Aristotle (100 %)
2. Ayn Rand (97 %)
3. John Stuart Mill (94 %)
4. Epicureans (91 %)
5. Aquinas (86 %)
6. Plato (81 %)
7. Nietzsche (78 %)
8. Thomas Hobbes (78 %)
9. David Hume (73 %)
10. Jean-Paul Sartre (73 %)

Try it and see what you get!


Patrick Stephens said...

I took it again too... (results at my blog)

I want to know how Bentham got so high on my score -- did I misclick something it seems so odd....

Wow. Comment moderation! Unruly students? : D

Shawn Klein said...

On some of the questions you can clearly see they are fishing to rule out or rule in a particular thinker, but I didn't see anything specific that struck me as Benthamite. It's particularly confusing because of your high score on the Cynics.

Moderation: There was an issue a while back, not so much unruly student, just someone who insisted on debating capitalism and socialism after I decided I had enough in this context(been there, done that).