Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Hope

It’s that time of year when many consider what New Year’s resolutions to adopt (and soon ignore). I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to reflect on the past year and look to what the future holds.

2007--The Bad:
Without a doubt, the loss of Sylvia (Posts here).
Tempe home sale falling through, not once, but twice.
  • The mortgage crunch cost us big when our original buyer was bumped by his lender and future interested parties had similar problems getting financing.
These two were the worst things that happened to us last year. I just cannot put the loss of the Patriots in the 07 AFC championship game on the same list as Sylvia. The former is a minor annoyance in comparison. I’d give the perfect season back if it meant having Sylvia back.

2007--The Good:
Getting Rockford College position.
  • A nearly ten-year process to get my dream job of teaching philosophy full-time (I started my masters program in Fall 98).
Going to Italy and Paris.
  • Kristen and I celebrate 5 years of marriage by spending 17 wonderful, but hot, days Europe.
Red Sox win second World Series this decade.
Patriots complete perfect regular season.
Patrick and Jamie get married.
  • Watched two friends finally tie the knot and got to spend some great time with old friends.

2008--The Hope:
Finish the dissertation!!!
Sell/rent the Tempe home.
Success in the family expansion project.
Patriots win 4th Super Bowl in 7 years and go 19-0.
Continued health and prosperity of my loved ones.

Just fantasizing:
Serenity 2 announced
Spenser for Hire DVD release
All presidential candidates decided to withdraw from election, leaving a secretly cloned Thomas Jefferson to take over as president.

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