Thursday, July 10, 2008

Introduction to Philosophy Promo Video

Developed by Rockford College's Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, the next few posts are promotional videos for my fall courses. Here's the first one, for RC's PHI 103: Introduction to Philosophy:

Shawn E. Klein - Introduction to Philosophy - PHIL 103 - Rockford College @ Yahoo! Video

(Here's the link if you have trouble with the above: )


Anonymous said...

Nice, I Wonder why most of great scientists are philosophers, While few of Philosophers are Scientists, And are not probably great philosophers, like there is an open door between science and philosophy, while it is closed or hardly accessible from philosophy to science, has that a relation to the thinking style ?

Shawn Klein said...

I am not sure I agree with the assumption that most great scientists were philosophers. Certainly, many were, but some of this depends on what one means by a philosopher.

That said, science is much more technical. It depends on years of training and acquiring specialized knowledge of the subject. Philosophy is, generally, based on reasoning and evidence accessible to any normal adult.