Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Shawn E. Klein

Yesterday, Aug 17, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation: "Seeing As and What If: Appreciation and Imagination in Moral Reasoning." Except for a few 'i's to dot and 't's to cross, I have fulfilled all the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy from Arizona State University. So, I will only respond to Dr. Klein for the next week. (j/k).

The defense was challenging, but in a geeky way was kind of fun (though not something I want to go through again!)

I started graduate school in 1998. I took several years off along the way, but that's still a long time. I am glad to be done!

Classes start up next week, but once things get underway, I hope to return to blogging regularly.

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Unknown said...

my most sincere congratulations!
hope that in about 10 years from now, i can grasp some of all the consciousness you have perceived, and maybe have a degree like yours haha. go on and never stop wondering, just stay curious.