Saturday, July 27, 2002

Not that anyone is reading this...I am watching that show "The Agency." It usually is pretty decent, at least for Saturday night TV. One character actually says "No one is saying that we should end the drug war" and another, I guess the head of the CIA, said "we have a moral obligation to fight drugs" (emphasis mine)

A moral obligation? I'll never get that. I think that a case could be made that anything more than casual or recreational use of drugs is immoral, but this is because the likelihood that such abusive use is bad for the individual's life. But from where does the Government get a moral obligation to fight drugs? Its too late at night to start considering whether government can have any moral obligations, but certainly if they have any it should be to protect individual rights. And not to sound like libertarian record but whose rights are violated by drug use, even abusive drug use?

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