Tuesday, July 30, 2002

An interesting article at the Jewish World Review: Should Israel go Nazi? A bit irreverent and harsh, the article examines what the Middle East would be like if the Israelis were the oppressors that their critics claim them to be. Anti-Israel folks often use Nazi imagery to taint Israel and Jews, calling the Jews Nazis and claiming that Israel is engaged in genocide. Perlmutter asks, the historians what if? What if Israel was bent on genocide and expansion over the Middle East?

His answer: there wouldn't be any Palestinians or Arabs left. Israel would have run over everything from Bagdad and Damscus to Cairo and Tunis. There wouldn't be terrorists today because they'd be all dead. And what Arabs remained wouldn't protest and throw stones, becuase they would know that they would be rounded up and killed.

Of course, now of this has happened and it won't happen. Could Israel have militarily taken over all this territory? I doubt it, but Perlmutter's point is not this. His point is that the Israel's are actually motivated by peace and morality, not hatred and expansionity ideology. They consider the moral consequences of their actions and don't kill innocents indiscriminately or purposefully.

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