Thursday, August 01, 2002

So I am sitting in Starbucks on Tuesday, as I often am. I am working on an upcoming philosophy course, and I have George Smith's Atheism: the Case Against God on the table. Now to be totally honest, I should say that I kind of purposely put the book in prominent view because the table next to me was occupied by two young women reading from the bible and writing letters to their neighbors. I think they were Jevohah Witnesses. I was, in retrospect, asking for trouble.

A table near the other side of the shop had a group of high school students, and they left shortly after I sat down and placed Smith's book on the table. About five mintues later, though, one of the young women that had left, tapped me on the shoulder. she handed me a brand-new King James version of the Bible. I told her that I didn't want it, and she says "I'd feel better if you had it." I told her again that I didn't want, that I didn't need it and that I would probably just leave it in Starbucks. She put it down on my table, and said "I just want you to have it." And then she left.

She had caught me off guard or I would have come up with some clever quip. Anyway, I put the book on the table next to me and went back to my work. But I noticed that the front cover had some writing inside it, in marker and not print. And so I opened it up and the woman had written: "Dear Sir, He is the true God. Read some bible passages listed. We will be praying for you. If you have any questions, call pastors name and number"

Now, I have to keep the book, it makes too great of a story. But as I thought about this, it really is kind of obnxious and rude. 1) Why should she assume that I am an atheist because I am reading a book about atheism? I could just be comfortable enough in my beliefs not to be threatened by counterarguments. 2) What business is of hers anyway?

But at least I got a great story out of it, and a free bible, to boot.

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