Friday, February 15, 2008

Why kids lie

An interesting article on lying in the New York Magazine. It mostly focuses on how often young children lie, why they lie, and how often they do so.

Hat Tip: A&L Daily


Patrick Stephens said...

I saw that article too. It was interesting, but it seemed to make a lot of philosophical assumptions, like "White lies are just as bad as big lies."

(I'm not necessarily disputing that, just observing that it may not be true. Maybe a philosopher with a focus in virtue ethics could address that?)

I'm just glad that my kids don't lie. : D

Anonymous said...

That's definitely an interesting article. But I have also noticed my dog's tendency to try to deceive me. He always gets off the couch when I come in the room and acts like he hasn't been on it. I guess honesty is a learned value.